Visitors to Residency Program in Wisconsin

ACRE is committed to being open and accessible to all artists. We are eager to work with you directly to ensure we will be able to meet your needs. 

The residency is located on a 1000-acre farm in Wisconsin’s Driftless Region. Living, dining, and studio spaces are communal.

The residency is comprised of several main buildings and several outbuildings located around the residency property. Residents regularly travel between buildings for meals, to use facilities, or participate in workshops, performances, or other activities during the session.

While the main buildings are wheelchair accessible, the property's terrain and some of the farm structures and outbuildings may not be accessible to everyone. Specifically, a communal studio area and the looms for our fibers department are located on the second floor of a building with no elevator.

Each facility is managed by a volunteer artist tech who is able, to the best of their ability, to help with studio activities and projects that may require physical assistance. There is a volunteer staff person “on-call” at all times to provide assistance to residents including shuttles around campus, assistance with basic navigation, and emergency assistance if necessary. 

All of our sleeping accommodations and the majority of our facilities are ground-floor accessible. The majority of the common areas including our dining hall/kitchen, main lodge, and library are wheelchair accessible.

All common restrooms and a selection of private restrooms within sleeping accommodations are wheelchair accessible. Accessible private restrooms feature a raised toilet seat and shower chair. Additionally, all common restrooms are gender-inclusive.

We are prepared to produce or facilitate accommodations such as large print materials, wheelchair ramps, travel assistance, adjusted or private sleeping accommodations, and any other actions that our volunteer staff are reasonably able to fulfill.

Service animals can be accommodated on a case by case basis. All service animals must have up to date paperwork and a current vet check and flea treatment. 

Environmental Irritants and Allergies Notice:

ACRE’s location is a rural farm, which means that there is increased exposure to the ample flora and fauna on our campus, including in our many open air buildings. In addition, a farm dog and a number of farm cats live on the property. Along with potential animal dander, those with moderate to severe allergies should be prepared to encounter insects, plants and grasses. 

The buildings at ACRE are constructed with a majority of recycled materials, primarily constructed with salvaged wood. When in combination with humid summer conditions some building spaces can become musty and may be uncomfortable for guests with strong sensitivities to dust and odors. Every room is cleaned before each session and has access to fresh air via screened windows. Additional cleaning supplies are available to use at any time. 

Your contact for questions, additional information, and requests is ACRE’s Executive Director Kate Bowen (