Bar Dykes

An artist talk and participatory play reading with Faythe Levine

In the 1980s, queer elder Merril Mushroom (b. 1941) wrote Bar Dykes, a one act play about 1950s dyke bar culture. In 2016, Faythe Levine collaborated with Caroline Paquita (Pegacorn Press) to publish the play for the first time. It is accompanied by related ephemera, and a current interview Faythe conducted with Merril concerning her unique and radical life as a “back to the land,” womon writer.

ACRE Projects is pleased to host 2016 resident Faythe Levine, who will be in Chicago to give a short talk about her most recent published project Bar Dykes on March 12th. In addition, a casual group reading of the play will be encouraged.

Limited copies of Bar Dykes (second edition) will be available at the event for $6.

About the artist:

Faythe Levine works as an independent researcher, multi-media artist, curator, author and collector currently based in rural middle Tennessee. Her creative practice is not tied down to one medium and is based on whatever she is passionate about. Over time her work has accumulated into a large portfolio centered around ongoing themes of community, creativity, awareness, process, empowerment and documentation. Levine’s two most widely known projects, Sign Painters (2013) and Handmade Nation (2009), both feature length documentaries with accompanying books, have toured extensively in formal and renegade outlets. All of her work aims to communicate honesty, authenticity, and quality of life. She has made it a priority that her projects stay approachable and accessible to a large audience, interacting with people in a way that establishes creativity as a vehicle towards personal independence.

Event Details:

ACRE Projects
2439 S Oakley Ave
Chicago , IL 60608

Wheelchair Accessible