Sentiments by Press Press

Book Launch & Celebration

Press Press is excited to share their newest publication, Sentiments: Expressions of Cultural Passage, a compilation of conversations, artist projects, and writings exploring cultural passage, immigrant identity, and notions of sanctuary at the Chicago Art Book Fair 2018, with a satellite release event at ACRE.

Join us to hear Sentiments contributors and community members share readings and talks in response to the theme of Sanctuary including, Alize Arıcan & Tamara Becerra Valdez, Dana Bassett, Meli Marie Nava, Adriana Monsalve, Joshua Rios, Mary Tremonte, and others. The Press Press team will also do a public reading of the Manifesto for Sanctuary-Building and Sanctuary-Keeping, a collaboratively-built manifesto Press Press has created with immigrants and immigrant-adjacent people through workshops in Baltimore, New York City, and Chicago, that highlights various visions of sanctuary and proposes strategies for creating and protecting those visions. 

Feel free to bring snacks to share or come as you are. You can read Sentiments: Expressions of Cultural Passage at and learn more below. 



Sentiments: Expressions of Cultural Passage is a compilation of the sensitivities, hacks, gestures, and actions that we, as immigrants, have used to nourish and preserve ourselves, our families, and our communities. It serves as a toolkit for sanctuary-building, self-determination, and resistance, in the form of ongoing conversations, workshops, artist projects, and writings that explore cultural passage, immigrant identity, and notions of sanctuary. Through this compilation, Sentiments provides a first-person documentation of the various intersections of immigrant identities and the multiple and complicated facets of immigrant experiences. In complicating the traditional narratives, this collection of voices resists the reductive oversimplification of our racially diverse, multicultural, multilingual, and third-space identities, and offers a more nuanced treatment of the wide-ranging identities and experiences that characterize immigrant existence. Additionally, this series explores how the lived experiences of those who are called immigrants in the United States can inform our understanding of how white supremacy has constructed society—and how we can dismantle it. Sentiments is edited by Kimi Hanauer and mobilized in collaboration with Valentina Cabezas, Bomin Jeon, and Bilphena Yahwon.

Press Press aims to shift and deepen the understanding of voices, identities, and narratives that have been suppressed or misrepresented by the mainstream, so far focusing on immigration and race in the United States, and to build networks of relationships through publishing practices centered on self-representation and gathering. Through an understanding of publishing as the act of gathering a public, Press Press’s streams of work include public cultural programming, an open-access publishing studio that’s based on an Exchange Economy, youth publishing workshops in an immigrant & refugee only space, and the ongoing production of print and digital publications. 

Event Details:

ACRE Projects
2439 S Oakley Ave
Chicago , IL 60608

Wheelchair Accessible