ACRE is pleased to present AT, FOR, BY: 10 years of ACRE opening September 1 at the Hyde Park Art Center as a part of the exhibition Artists Run Chicago 2.0. Over the past 10 years, ACRE’s residency and exhibitions programs have hosted over 1000 artists. The residency gives the opportunity to work, live, eat, collaborate, and experiment together, while caring for and challenging each other. The exhibitions program brings folks back together and creates new connections in the year that follows. 

With the milestone of 10 years in mind, we want to celebrate the beautiful, strange, temporary, eclectic, and sometimes esoteric art that we make while we are at the farm in Steuben, Wisconsin. The exhibition features pieces that were made AT the summer residency, FOR events, programs, parties, or people during the summer residency, BY residents, staff, and visiting artists, of the physical place, landscape and community that forms at the residency, and all about ACRE.

About Artists Run Chicago 2.0:

Hyde Park Art Center is proud to celebrate the work of fifty artist-run spaces and organizations that fuel Chicago’s independent art scene in the upcoming exhibition Artists Run Chicago 2.0

To mark the ten-year anniversary of the original Art Center exhibition, Artists Run Chicago (2009), this upcoming exhibition examines the core motivations, trajectories, and philosophies that have made the past decade more generative for new models of artist-run initiatives to exist throughout the city and suburbs. As they did in the 2009 exhibition, participating artists-run spaces have continued to transform storefronts, apartments, warehouses, garages, and nomadic existences into environments in which art can be experienced at its most experimental and critical stage. These spaces challenge conventional expectations of exhibition, discourse, and community, encouraging us to consider the nature of art-devoted spaces and their relationship to each other, as well as the neighborhoods they embrace and the artists they support.

AT, FOR, BY features works from: 
Adam Farcus
Alexander Narinskiy
Alicia Chester
Angeliki Tsoli
Angus McCullough
Cassie Tompkins
Charlotte Woolf
Cheung Zhiwan
Chris Little
Considered to be Allies (Mie Frederikke Fischer Christensen & Margaux Parillaud)
Danny Floyd
eric fleischauer
Erin Sweeny
Eseosa Edebiri
Etta Sandry
Farah Salem
Gabe Holcombe
Hannah Bates
Heather MacKenzie
Hope Esser
Janie Stamm
Janina Anderson
Jeffrey Austin
Jessica Harvey
Jimmy Schaus
Jon Geiger
Karmel Sabri
Kasia Ozga
Kate Hampel & Christina McClelland
Kayla Anderson
Lindsey Dezman
Liz Roberts
Marta Rodriguez Maleck
Misael Soto
Nicholas Steindorf
Nick Lally
Nick Tuinstra
Olivia Valentine & Paula Matthusen
Open Engagement
Pallavi Sen
Patricia Leal
Robert Aiosa
Sarah Bernat
Stella Brown
Stephanie J. Woods & Johannes Barfield
Tony & Marina Balko
Unyimeabasi Udoh


5020 S Cornell Ave
Chicago , IL 60615

Wheelchair Accessible