It's Valentine's Day! ACRE Projects and Ground Level Platform are pleased to announce To Hold Space, the first solo exhibition of Bonny Nahmias.

In this exhibition, Nahmias continues to explore a project she began in the winter of 2017 where she stretched a tin can telephone in places where communication has been broken by geography, modernity, and politics. Over the past few years the string has found its way over gaps and barriers such as the separation wall between Palestine and Israel, or peak to peak in Twin Peaks, San Francisco, CA. Bringing this project to an indoor space for the first time, Nahmias chose to create a multi-tin can telephone installation accompanied by The Orchestra Of Space Holders, a book to serve as a guide through a distant yet intimate conversation. Each page is followed by creatures who carry the protective/evil eye on their chest and exist to help us ponder and perhaps understand the commonly used term “to hold space”.

Do we hold space? How do we hold space? Why do we hold it? And who do we hold it for/with?

Bonny Nahmias

Bonny Nahmias was born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel. She moved to the United States in 2006 at the age of eighteen in protest of Israel’s mandatory military service. Nahmias first lived in Brooklyn, NY, where she explored performance art and the theatrical world. She later moved to San Francisco and received her BFA from California College of the Arts in sculpture and visual studies in 2016. She has maintained involvement in arts organizations in New York and San Francisco and exhibited her work in group exhibitions at Hubbell Street Galleries, Southern Exposure, SOMArts, Asian Art Museum, and the Oakland Museum of California. Through a broad range of media that includes sculpture, performance and video, Nahmias examines human conflicts and sociopolitical subjects that relate to her background and upbringing in Israel. Torn between the desire to reach for and reject her birthplace, the results of her work can be seen as satirical love letters to her past and present.

Ground Level Platform

Ground Level Platform is a non-gallery arts platform and event space. Our mission is to integrate the audience into art experiences. Our name implies an equal and non-hierarchical playing field. We are a shoes-off space, so come prepared to leave your shoes and expectations at the door. We support a range of events focused on audience participation and artful living.


Opening Reception:

2001 S. Halsted St.
Chicago , IL 60608

Wheelchair Accessible