The approach Performances

A series of performances with Wanbli Gamache

Centered around the works of Clare Gatto, Juan Molina Hernández, and Holly Veselka, The approach features Wanbli Gamache in residence at ACRE’s Pilsen project space. Using voice and the body as material, Gamache considers “the right to address and be addressed, to signify and be interpreted, to speak and be heard, to make a sign and to know that it will receive respectful attention.” 

As she develops her works in the studio, Gamache employs the exhibiting artists’ use of narrativity, embraced liminality, and visibility. Public engagement with Gamache’s in-progress works are opportunities to consider how approaches developed within an artistic practice can inform and maintain everyday living. In the gallery, weekly glimpses into Gamache’s in-progress works will be available to the public in the forms of performance and evolving objects.

Throughout the run of The approach, we question and explore: How can we creatively confront difficult emotional and pragmatic problems and learn how to deal with the uncertainty that results?

Please join us for Wanbli Gamache’s activations of the approaches adopted and shared by Gatto, Molina Hernández, and Veselka, the first of which will occur during the install of the exhibition on May 28th, 2019 at 8 PM.

Event Details:

ACRE Projects
2439 S Oakley Ave
Chicago , IL 60608

Wheelchair Accessible

Dates of performances: 

May 28th, 8-9 PM
June 14th - 7-8 PM 
June 24th - 7-8 PM