Annual Fund

Contribute to ACRE’s Annual Fund to support our two core programs: Residency and Exhibitions. 

To put it briefly, your donations fund countless conversations, artistic collaborations, learning moments, epiphanies, new artworks, myriad ideas, and manifest visions for the future.


Help support the growing improvements to our facilities, the visiting artist program, the exhibitions program, as well as general scholarships for emerging artists that make it all possible. Our summer residency continues to shape some of the most vital and exciting artistic conversations and practices in the country. 

As a predominantly artist and volunteer run effort, ACRE largely relies on individual donations to keep our organization afloat. Your donation directly funds ACRE and sustains our commitment to the promising emerging artists accepted into ACRE’s program each year.

ACRE simply could not fulfill our mission without your support!

For monthly recurring donations of $100 and above OR a donation of $1,000 and above, donors receive a monthly artist-made gift through October 2020 as a thank you. 

With a donation of $50 and above, receive our 2020 tote bag designed by Mary Tremonte or the Kadabra Vol. 10 Cookbook as a thank you.

Teal ACRE totebag on left and green cookbook cover on right

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ACRE (Artists’ Cooperative Residency and Exhibitions Project) is a federally recognized 501(c)3 tax exempt organization. All donations made to ACRE are tax-deductible.