June 8th 2019 – July 6th 2019 / Produce Model
Video still of arm reaching in front of the camera, pointing with two fingers at a tree in the background against a blue sky.

Tanya García, Cristóbal Guerra, Clare Koury, and Gabriel Moreno 

June 7th 2019 – June 26th 2019 / Co-Prosperity Sphere
Video still of person wearing navy fabric mask with a slighting unzipped horizontal zipper in the front, the person's tongue is sticking out.

José Guadalupe Garza, Jessica Gatlin, Sair Goetz, Daniel Haddad, David Nasca, Jesus Hilario-Reyes + Leah Solomon, and Sandy Williams IV / Curated by Ahniya Butler and Nick Wylie

May 31st 2019 – June 23rd 2019 / ACRE Projects
Abstract digital rendering of organic shapes with ranging colors of tan, grey, black, and pink

Wanbli Gamache, Clare Gatto, Juan Molina Hernández and Holly Veselka / Curated by Stephanie Koch

May 17th 2019 – June 14th 2019 / Baby Blue Gallery
Photograph of figure wearing black jacket holding a palm leaf with a pink binder clip attached.

Morgan Janssen at Baby Blue Gallery

May 3rd 2019 – May 31st 2019 / ACRE Projects
Color photograph of woman carrying a nude figure draped over her back

Anna Garner, Ting Han, Amiko Li and Melanie Pennington / Curated by Lucy Stranger

April 6th 2019 – May 12th 2019 / Prairie
Image of a field of grass, the grass has been braided in vertical rows, creating a square.

Millian Giang Lien Pham

April 5th 2019 – April 26th 2019 / ACRE Projects
Photograph of car covered in a snowy field in large sheet printed with a bandana pattern.

Ivy Guild, Marina Peng, and Vanessa Viruet / Curated by Lauren Leving

March 16th 2019 – April 6th 2019 / BasketShop
screenshot from The Simpsons, eyes in an all black field

Danny Floyd

March 8th 2019 – April 9th 2019 / Baby Blue Gallery

Kevin Demery and Raelis Vasquez

March 9th 2019 – March 10th 2019 / Yeah Maybe

Mel Cook, Jonathon Rosemond, Austin Swearengin, Frankie/Bingxin Yu

March 1st 2019 – March 30th 2019 / ACRE Projects

Jen Everett, Kelly Kristin Jones, Wen Liu, and Lovie Olivia / Curated by Stephanie Koch

December 14th 2018 – January 12th 2019 / Co-Prosperity Sphere

Catherine Feliz, Allison Lacher & Jeff Robinson, Ahmed Ozsever, and Nayeon Yang / Curated by Lauren Leving

December 7th 2018 – January 12th 2019 / ACRE Projects

Ada Pinkston, Danielle Rosen, Liz Roberts, Santina Amato, and Sonia Louise Davis / Curated by Ann Meisinger and Nathan Florsheim

November 2nd 2018 – December 1st 2018 / ACRE Projects

Ryan Dewey, Morgan Rose Free, Carla Fisher Schwartz, Yi Xin Tong, and Falak Vasa / Curated by Kate Sierzputowski

October 21st 2018 / Links Hall

Considered To Be Allies at Links Hall

October 20th 2018 – November 10th 2018 / Roman Susan

ROMAN SUSAN / Rogers Park Art Space

October 5th 2018 – October 25th 2018 / ACRE Projects

Chiara Galimberti, Coley Mixan and Hannah Patterson, Adee Roberson, and Ileana Tejada / Curated by Adia Sykes

September 8th 2018 – September 28th 2018 / ACRE Projects

Kristi McGuire, Greg Ruffing, Madam Data (Ada Adhiyatma), Kim Nucci / Curated by Josh Rios

August 11th 2018 – September 16th 2018 / LVL3


August 3rd 2018 – August 31st 2018 / ACRE Projects

Kearra Amaya Gope, Eli Gold, eduardo restrepo castaño, and Anne Yafi / Curated by Adia Sykes