ACRE's admissions panel changes yearly and is comprised of a jury of established artists, educators, curators, writers, and organizers from Chicago and elsewhere in addition to a selection of ACRE alumni.

Jury members are asked to evaluate work samples and the written portion of the application. Scoring is based on the quality of work, the potential for growth, and appropriateness based on the facilities and environment our program offers. Application review is non-blind and conducted online using SlideRoom as well as a final in-person round.

Each year ACRE works with a committee to review the admissions process and select a new jury. Jurors may only serve on ACRE's admissions panel once within a period of 3 years. 

Admissions panelists receive a small stipend of $100 for their time. Each application is reviewed by 5-8 panelist in each of our 3 rounds of review.

Notification of acceptance are typically issued in early February. Applicants awarded a residency must notify ACRE of intent to attend within two weeks of their admissions notifications, at which point artists on the waitlist will be awarded open spots.

Many thanks to all our generous panelists who give their time and expertise to this process. 

2024 Admissions Panelists

Alayna N. Pernell
Ále  Campos 
alea adigweme
Alexander Richard Wilson
Alivia Zivich
Ally Caple
Alyssa (A.Martinez for website) Martinez
Amalia Wiatr Lewis
Amina Ross
Andrea Cardinal
Anna Cataldo
Aya Nimer
Bailey  Scieszka
Brook Sinkinson Withrow
Carolina Maki Kitagawa Frisby
Chelsea Ridley
Christina Nguyen
Clare Gatto
Damien Ding
David  Salkin
David Maruzzella
Devin Balara
Dylan Spaysky
eric fleischauer
Erin Toale
Gloria Talamantes
Gordon Hall
Hannah Patterson
Huidi  Xiang
Imani Jackson
Ivy Guild
J. Kent
Jesus Benavente
Jory Drew
Kate Rhoades
Kushala Vora
Leah Gallant
leena joshi
Li-Ming Hu
Lily Siegel
Lorena Cruz Santiago
Lorena Molina
Lucia Calderon Arrieta
Lucia Honey
Madeleine Finley
Maggie Wong
Mariela Acuna
Mark Diaz
MARS Marshall
Maureen Ragalie
Megan Foy
Melissa Lorraine
Mev Luna
Micah Dillman
Mie Frederikke Fischer Christensen
Mo Costello
Monica Jost
Nat Decker
Nate King
Nour Ballout
Olivia Valentine
Paige Naylor
Pallavi Sen
Ricky Weaver
Ruby Que
Ryan  Fontaine
Scott Vincent Campbell
Shauta Marsh
Sibylle Friche
Sophia Karina English
Susan Miller
Tara Fay Coleman
Teresita or Teri Carson
Tiffany  Johnson 
Unyimeabasi Udoh
Yue Nakayama
Zach Nicol