Our admissions panel is comprised of an impartial jury of established artists, musicians, educators, thinkers, critics, curators, and makers of all kinds from Chicago and elsewhere in addition to a selection of ACRE alumni volunteers.

Jury members are asked to evaluate work samples and the written portion of the application. Scoring is based on the quality of work, the potential for growth, and appropriateness based on the facilities and environment our program offers. Application review is non-blind and conducted online using an application system similar to SlideRoom developed by ACRE administrative staff as well as a final in-person round.

Each year ACRE works with a committee to review the admissions process and select a new jury. Jurors may only serve on ACRE's admissions panel once within a period of 3 years. 

Each year we have a free period to apply lasting approximately 10 days followed by 2 fee periods of $40 and $50. Application fees are used to pay our admissions panelists a small stipend of $100. Each application is reviewed by 5-8 panelist in each of our 3 rounds of review.

Notification of acceptance changes each year, but typically decisions will be issued by early May. Applicants awarded a residency must notify ACRE of intent to attend by the May 15, at which point artists on the wait-list will be awarded open spots.

Special thank you to all our generous panelists who give their time and expertise to this process!

2020 Admissions Panel

Adia Sykes
Aki Johnson
Alex Herrera
Amir George
Andi Crist
Angeliki Tsoli
Ariel Evans 
Bobby Luck 
Brendan Fernandes
Chelsea Flowers 
Christy LeMaster
Ciera McKissick 
Colleen Keihm
Colleen Plumb
Corrine Teed
Dalina Aimée Perdomo Álvarez
Dan Boardman
Deanna Ledezma
Erin Foley
Graham Stephenson
Isaac Grambo
Jamie Knight
Jared Quinton
Jenn Sova
Jessica Wohl
Jezabeth Gonzalez
John Alleyne
Jordan Rosenow 
Joseph Josué Mora
Juicebox Burton 
Justin Schmitz
Katie Cato
Katy Cowan
Kekeli Sumah
Kelly Kaczynski
Kristen Taylor
Kristin Reger
Li-Ming Hu
Liz Spavento
Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo
Maggie Harrington
Marcela Torres 
Maxx Katz
Mel Cook
Melissa Marinaro
Miao Wang
Misael Soto
Molly Brandt
Nellie Kluz
Paul Wittenbraker
Rebecca Marino
Rohan Ayende 
Rose Hernandez
Sarah Quillin
Sarah Skaggs
Sasha Phyars-Burgess
sean gaulager
Seth Sher
Shannon Herbert Waldman
Shey Little
Tamara Duplantis
Taykhoom Biviji
Ting Yin Han 
Wanbli Gamache
Xenia Gazi
Yasmeen Nematt Alla