ACRE's admissions panel changes yearly and is comprised of a jury of established artists, educators, curators, writers, and organizers from Chicago and elsewhere in addition to a selection of ACRE alumni.

Jury members are asked to evaluate work samples and the written portion of the application. Scoring is based on the quality of work, the potential for growth, and appropriateness based on the facilities and environment our program offers. Application review is non-blind and conducted online using SlideRoom as well as a final in-person round.

Each year ACRE works with a committee to review the admissions process and select a new jury. Jurors may only serve on ACRE's admissions panel once within a period of 3 years. 

Admissions panelists receive a small stipend of $100 for their time. Each application is reviewed by 5-8 panelist in each of our 3 rounds of review.

Notification of acceptance are typically issued in early February. Applicants awarded a residency must notify ACRE of intent to attend within two weeks of their admissions notifications, at which point artists on the waitlist will be awarded open spots.

Many thanks to all our generous panelists who give their time and expertise to this process. 

2022 Admissions Panelists

Christina Warzecha

Cristyn Allen-Steward

Darryl DeAngelo Terrell

David Nasca

Eileen Mueller

Graham Feyl

Ivy Guild

Jared Packard

Javier Jasso

Jeff Ferguson 

Kasem Kydd

Libbi Ponce

Lisa Franko

Liz Roberts

Naomi Hawksley

Noa Ginzburg

Noah Hanna

Oriana Hirschberg

Phoebe Kuo 

Ricki Dwyer

Roland Knowlden

Rudy Natanzon

Tamara Becerra Valdez

Yae Jee Min

Sarah Reynolds

Levi Shand

Maggie Crowley

Fred Schmidt-Arenales

Loren Wright

Kim Nucci

Yae Morris

Christopher Sonny Martinez

Serena Himmelfarb

William Wiebe

Hyun Jung Jun

Madeline Gallucci

Chris Reeves

Liz Ferrer

Vicente Ugartechea

Sabrina Greig

Eseosa Edebiri

Mark Ryan

Holly Kranker

Erin Madarieta

Janelle Ayana Miller

Bryan Dunbar

Courtney Cintron

Denise Dooley

Jason Kalajainen

KT Duffy

Onyx Montes

Teresa Silva

Vanessa Viruet

Alex Priest

Claire Arctander

Carlos Bossard

Juan Molina Hernández

Adrian Anagnost

Cameron Granger

Charmaine Bee

Tony Campbell

Pia Singh

Dawn Holder

Joshua Davis-Ruperto

Rachel Adams

Ginger Shulick Porcella

Marta Rodriguez Maleck

Kasia Houlihan

Olivia Junell

Aileen Cortez

Jonathan Kelley

Anne Yoder 

Kelly Lloyd

Whitney Hill 

Alex Younger 

Adam Farcus

Fidencio Martinez Perez 

Allison Quinn 

John Neff

Zachary Hutchinson 

Christian Cruz