Access to electric kilns and basic ceramics supplies, clay and glazes are provided in our Ceramics Studio.

The ceramics studio can accommodate those with previous experience and those new to working with clay.  The ceramics studio is located outdoors in a large open covered area with a concrete floor. There are 3 electric throwing wheels, work tables, and cabinets and displays for glazes, clay, and hand tools. Residents have access to a variety of clays and glazes. 

A staff person will be available to lead workshops, assist with projects and manage the studio. Each session is unique with a few standard across sessions. The artist on staff will lead a basic orientation along with additional skill building workshops aligned with their own practice and specific skill set. This summer we will fire the kiln to cones 5 and 6 with alternative firing methods available such as pit and Raku firing based on group interest and staff availability.

Please note that due to the extremely humid conditions typical of midwestern summers, wet clay use is limited to the first half of the residency to allow for sufficient drying and firing times. Ceramics area staff will give exact times at the start of each session.