Application Instructions

ACRE aims to bring together a talented and diverse group of individuals in the emerging stages of their artistic practice.

An academic background in art is not required. Financial status is not a consideration in the admissions process. You must be at least 21 years of age at the start of the program and have a working knowledge of English. Application fees are non-refundable. 

ACRE’s application is designed to be simple and straightforward. Please read and follow the instructions below before completing your application. For additional tips on submitting a strong application please check our FAQ page.

Our next application cycle will launch in fall of 2023 for residency in summer of 2024. See our main application page for more information.  

Accessing the Application

ACRE's 2024 Application is hosted on SlideRoom. SlideRoom provides 24 hour technical support via a live chat and has an extensive Help Center

  • Getting Started With Your Application Guide
  • Technical Requirements and Accessibility
    • Updated versions of the following browsers are compatible with the application:

      • Chrome
(recommended for optimum experience)
      • Firefox
(recommended for optimum experience)
      • Safari
      • Microsoft Edge
  • Save your work and return before the final submission of your application by clicking save at the bottom of the page, or the “Save and Exit” button in the top right corner.
  • You can return to your application at any time by logging into SlideRoom
General Information

Please share:

  • Your name
    • This is the name that reviewers will see and the name that will be used to address you throughout the process 
  • Pronoun (optional)
  • A portfolio website or link to a place we can view your work or practice online (optional)
  • Collaboration information
  • Birthdate (required)
  • Up to date contact information (required)

Please be aware that the email address associated with your SlideRoom account is the email address we will use to contact you. 

If a field does not apply to you, leave it blank. 

  • Each member of the collaboration must complete and submit an application and pay the application fee. However, only one primary application should include the written portion and portfolio. You must indicate if yours is the primary application or the secondary application.

  • To apply with another applicant(s) as a collaborative project, select the corresponding box and answer the questions that follow. 
    • Please enter a name for your collaborative group (it can be as simple as “your name + your collaborator’s name”).
    • Please ensure that all members of the collaborative group use the same exact name on each application.

  • Please use statements and work samples that reflect the collaboration as much as possible.
    • If a new collaboration, you may use a statement and work samples from each member.
      • Statements and work samples from all members must be included in the primary application.
  • If members of the collaborative group would like to include a CV, then each member should upload their CV to their own application.

  • For collaborative groups consisting of more than three members please contact for further instructions.
Describe your current practice.
  • You must complete the written section regarding your current practice. There is a maximum of 100 words.

  • Collaborative groups may include one statement for the group or separate statements for each member on the primary application. 

What is the primary focus of your work?
  • Please select the category that best describes the work that is primary to your practice.

  • We understand that you may work across disciplines, but in order to ensure your application is reviewed by panelists who are familiar with the medium(s) you work in, we ask that you select just one discipline that best describes your primary mode of working as represented by your work samples.

What are the goals or intentions you have set for your current practice, and how might you benefit from the time and space provided by an acre residency?
  • You must complete this written section. There is a maximum of 150 words.

  • Collaborative groups may include one response for the group or separate statements from each member on the primary application.


Including your CV is not required, and is considered supplemental to your application.

If members of a collaborative group would like to include a CV, then each member should upload their CV to their own application.

Session Availability
  • To select your session preference use the drop down arrow and if the date is your first, second or third choice. It is not guaranteed that you will receive your first choice.
  • You may also indicate sessions that you are unable to attend by selecting that option from the dropdown. 
  • Select facilities you anticipate (or are interested in) using during your residency. Check all that apply.
Financial Aid

Financial aid is not guaranteed. ACRE solicits external sources of funding to subsidize the residency program. Please only apply for a financial aid scholarship if absolutely needed in order to attend.


General Scholarships:

  • You will not be considered for a General Scholarship unless you check the corresponding box. While it is optional, completing the “Please describe your financial circumstances” section of the financial aid page will help us better understand your financial need. 

  • Financial aid opportunities are limited and are awarded based on merit and financial need.

Special Scholarships:

  • To identify if you are eligible for a specific scholarship opportunity, please read the eligibility guidelines linked in the application and provided here. 

  • If you are eligible, please select any special scholarships that you would like to be considered for, and complete the written portion of the financial aid section (which will appear when a scholarship is selected). 

Demographic Information
  • All fields in this section are optional.
  • Each question offers an opportunity to self identify in addition or as an alternative to the checkboxes provided.
  • We collect demographic information to ensure that we understand and support our community to the best of our ability and to provide information to funding organizations.
  • Demographic information may be used to help identify applicants who are eligible for specific scholarships if you indicate interest in financial aid, but it has no bearing on acceptance to the residency program.
Accessibility | Please use this space to share or request anything that would make our residency accessible to you:

Applicants can optionally note their access needs in this field.

Please use this space to share any specific requirements or accommodations that would support your full participation and engagement in our residency program. This may include, but is not limited to, considerations related to physical accessibility, sensory needs, mobility aids, communication support, dietary preferences, or any other factors important to your participation.

Please note that answers to this section are not considered during the review process.

Portfolio/Work Samples
  • You are limited to 10 files and/or 5 minutes of time based work.

  • You can submit images, text, audio, and video in any combination. PDFs should not be used for image portfolios: please upload the images individually and caption them on the application instead.
  • File formats should be as follows:

    • Images: JPEG, PNG or GIF
      • Images must be under 5 MB. You can upload images with any dimensions, as SlideRoom resizes images larger than 1280 x 1280 x 72 ppi.
    • Documents: PDF (up to 5 pages)

    • audio: MP3
, AAC formatted M4A 
    • video: H.264 codec, max bit rate 10.0 Mbit/s, max 1080p in an MP4 container.


Videos must be less than 250 MB in size. Audio files must be less than 30 MB in size. Documents must be less than 10 MB (unless otherwise stated on the Portfolio step). Images and videos are subject to be compressed to be displayed properly in SlideRoom. 

  • Please DO NOT use PDFs to submit visual work. 
  • To upload your files, click “Add Media”. You can upload multiple files at one time.
  • When you upload your media, you will be prompted to label each slide. The title field is required, the year and additional details fields are optional.


As an alternative to a standalone file upload, we accept links to embedded media from Vimeo, YouTube, or SoundCloud. Time limits still apply for these links (no more than five minutes per application). Linked media items must be public, and the links should be to individual files rather than sets, playlists, or collections. 

Collaborative groups should upload all work samples only on the primary application.

Captions and Information

When you upload your portfolio, you will be prompted to label each slide:

  • The title field is required, the year and additional details fields are optional.
  • Please use the additional details field to provide information that will help reviewers in understanding your work samples such as medium, dimensions and brief description (caption).
  • If you choose not to enter additional details, the caption will default to the file name.

  • For audio and video files, you can also enter a timecode. Do this for your top 1 to 3 time-based works. See the FAQ for more info.

  • You can determine the order in which your samples are viewed by dragging the file boxes into your preferred order.

You must upload your portfolio samples to the portfolio site, our admissions panel will not review websites or links in lieu of uploaded portfolio samples. If you are having trouble uploading portfolio samples, please visit the SlideRoom Help Center, contact SlideRoom technical support, or contact us at


Once you have finished your application click “Next” at the top right, and you will be directed to the application submit page.

Please be sure to review your application information, at the "review" link on this page.

You can click "Back" at the top left to return to any section of the application to edit. 

Submit and Pay

If applying during the Free Period: once you have completed the application review and are ready to submit, click the "Submit" button. Once your application has been submitted, you will NOT be able to make any edits. 

If applying during an application fee period: You will be directed to a payment page where you can use credit or debit card to pay the fee. Once your payment is approve you will have a final opportunity to review your application before clicking "Submit". 

The payment page will automatically update to reflect the appropriate fee period. Transactions are secure and processed through This charge will show up on your bank statement as "SlideRoom Application".

Application fees increase according to the timeline listed on ACRE’s application page. 

You will receive a submission confirmation email via SlideRoom. 

If we discover any errors or missing information, we will contact you before the deadline.

If you have any questions or concerns, or have submitted your application in error, please contact us at

*Please note that our return policy states that previous residents may not apply the following year that they attended the residency. This means alumni who attended in 2022 are not eligible to apply in 2023, but may apply again in 2024 for our 2025 summer residency .