AV Tech

ACRE’s audio visual and technology studio is a hub of activity at the farm.

Various cameras and field recorders are available to check out, along with many useful accessories. ACRE’s 3D printer is available here for everyone to use. In addition, we have several options available for those who would like to try 3D scanning. We provide several super-fast computers with Mac and Windows software for video and image editing, 3D modeling/rendering, and projection mapping. Audio editing software is also available here, allowing artists to experiment with tracks made in the recording studio and elsewhere. A large-format photo printer is also available.

AV Tech also features a space for working on electronics and physical computing projects. We provide a wide array of tools and equipment, and stock all the common electronic components like resistors, capacitors, transistors, etc., and also have Arduinos available, along with some sensors and physical actuators. As with other facilities, workshops are provided throughout each session to provide the opportunity to learn new skills and techniques.