ACRE is excited to present She's Landed, a one-night performance and screening by artist Zitlali Adame.
A 2021 ACRE Resident, Zitlali presents a multimedia performance series that documents an extraterrestrial landing on Earth. 

"She" is a character developed over time. Through Her development, a personal timeline of events unearths. Through Her development, a personal timeline of events unearths

The body holds memories that the mind no longer does. A release occurs in the performative movements, and re-imagined timelines reclaim memories lost. Interventions and performances are captured via photography and video documentation.

We invite you to come and celebrate her work on September 10th from 6-10 PM.

At 8 PM, Zitlali will debut a collaborative video piece with Rigoberto Gomez-Carmona. 

Zitlali Yunuhem Adame

Zitlali Yunuhem Adame is a multimedia artist out of Chicago, Illinois. The mediums she incorporates include performance, photo, video, writing, drawing, painting, sculpture, and costume work.

Zitlal's work disrupts sensibilities and awakens the senses. She explores identities with fantastical modalities. Transcendent protagonists develop with playful exploration.

Real-world experiences and metaphysical theories influence illusory narratives. She creates magical environments to find comfort and safety. 

Rigoberto Gomez-Carmon

Rigoberto Gomez-Carmon is a Southside Chicago-raised and based filmmaker.

Opening Reception:

ACRE Projects @ Drama Club
2439 S Oakley Avenue
Chicago , IL 60608

Not Wheelchair Accessible

Screening at 8pm