SLIME TIME is an exhibition of works by Chicago-based artist Joshua M.G. McCormick and Atlanta-based artist and illustrator FRKO. Combining the madcap energy of cartoons and children’s television with pointed social satire, FRKO’s sculptural installations transfer his characters’ misadventures from the panels of comic books into the gallery on a life-sized scale. McCormick presents a performance as Moises Imbatchi, a fictional, time-traveling, saxophone-playing figure who reclaims artifacts and ideas that have been stolen or destroyed throughout history. Some of these artifacts and components of Moises’s time machine appear as ceramic objects in the exhibition. For the final exhibition at Camayuhs, take an unforgettably zany trip through time and space — and into the future.

Joshua McCormick

Joshua Moises Greenberg McCormick is an interdisciplinary artist and teacher based in Chicago. He received both his BFA (2008) and MFA (2019) from the School of the Art Institute in Chicago, where he also teaches ceramics. He has also trained at The Ox-Bow School of Art in Michigan. McCormick has participated in the ACRE Residency in Wisconsin and collaborated with Project Firebird in Chicago and Juxtaposition Arts in Minneapolis.


FRKO, AKA Freako Rico (born Richard Montgomery), is an Atlanta-based illustrator who mixes comics and hip-hop to create hysterical, often belligerent art. FRKO has drawn multiple album covers for Action Bronson, including the graphic identity for the album Mr. Wonderful, and the artwork for Gucci Mane’s All My Children. Recent projects include FRKO N FRANDZ, a group exhibition at Cat Eye Creative, and a collaboration with the creative collective LoveRenaissance to redesign the iconic Reebok Classics.

Logan Lockner

Logan Lockner is a writer in Atlanta. His essays and criticism have appeared in publications such as Art in America, frieze, 032c, GAYLETTER, and ART PAPERS, among others. Previously, he was editor of Burnaway. 


Opening Reception:

137 Mobile Ave NE
Atlanta , GA 30305

Wheelchair Accessible