ACRE Announces 2021 Artist Residents

Update / 5.29.21

71 artists from across the country converge in the Driftless region of Southwest Wisconsin to pursue emerging practices as part of ACRE's summer residency program. 

Chicago, IL, May 11, 2021—Artists’ Cooperative Residency & Exhibitions (ACRE), an artist-run non-profit that provides emerging artists with an accessible, equitable, and interdisciplinary residency and exhibitions program, is excited to announce the 71 artists attending this year's summer residency program in Steuben, Wisconsin.  

After the deferment of the 2020 residency due to COVID restrictions, ACRE will safely return to its home and welcome artists to make, think, and create in community again. The residency has been expanded to 5 sessions this year and will run from June 1-September 5.

We will also welcome back our talented cohort of volunteer staff to drive innovative new programming at the residency. These artists lead the residency studio areas and share their expertise, mentor, collaborate, and shape the ACRE experience for residents. 

After a year of distanced programs ACRE looks forward to offering a vital space for artists to connect with peers and collaborators, to experiment and learn from one another, and to support each other, as we build the communities that we need to sustain our practices and create our futures together.

2021 Artist Residents

Abbey Muza
Alexander Hernandez
Alexis Rivierre
Anya Rosen
Aram Atamian
Bokeum Jeon
Brent Nakamoto
Briana Lizárraga
Carla Harris
Cecilia Kim
Cielo Saucedo
Cindy Phenix
Claire Quilala
Claire A Warden
Don Edler
Emmanuela Soria Ruiz
Eric Rivera
Evelyn Hang Yin
Frances McBain
Golaleh Yazdani
Haerim Lee
Huidi Xiang
Jacob Raeder
James Welch
Janelle Miller
Jeff Prokash
John Lee
Julia Koreman
Kat Revilla
Kristina Knipe
Laura Gibson
Laura Medina
Layla Marcelle
Ling-lin Ku
Lola Ogbara
Lucia Garzon
Madeline Gallucci
Maggie Jensen
Margot Becker
Maria Varona
Marina Resende
Matthew Robidoux
Matty Davis
Maxwell Holden
Meimei Song
Melissa Webb
Mia Weiner
Micah Dillman
Miranda Javid
Moises Salazar
Natalee Decker
Nate King
Nick Drain
Noa Ginzburg
Paloma Barhaugh-Bordas
Phoebe Kuo
Ra Imhotep
Rachel Cohn
Rachel Pontious
Rachel Youn
Saffronia Downing
Simiya Sudduth
Sophia Belkin
Sophia English
Sophia Haid
Su A Chae
Veto Money
Xavier Robles Armas
Zachary Epcar
Zhaozhao Wang
Zitlali Adame-Reducindo

2021 Volunteer Staff

Aaron Walker
Aki Takebayashi
Alec Regan
Allen Moore
Alli Logout 
Allison Cekala
Andi Crist
Annie Kielman
Bobby Luck
Bryan Dunbar
Cameron Granger 
Chelsea Flowers
Chiara No
Christina Warzecha
Courtney Mackedanz
Danny Floyd
Denise Dooley
Dylan Piskula
Eseosa Edibri 
Etta Sandry
Farah Salem
Gabe Holcombe
Hannah Bates
Hannah Patterson 
Heather Mackenzie
Ivy Guild
Javier Jasso
Jesse Malmed
Jesse Sandvik 
Jessica Harvey 
John Kyle Cronan
John Niekrasz
Josh Rios
Jova Lynn
Juicebox Burton
Kasem Kydd
Kelly Carr
Ken Curry
Kim Nucci
Keijuan Thomas
Kristi McGuire
Leena Joshi
Levi Shand
Lindsay French
Liz Ferrer
Liz Roberts 
Manal Kara
Marcellus Armstrong
Marta Rodriguez Maleck
Matt Mancini
Maxx Katz
Ricki Dwyer
Rudy Natanzon
Ryan Bach
Sabriah Abdul-Wahid
SJ Lee
Sonny Martinez
Tony Paterra
Vanessa Viruet
Willy Smart
Zachary Hutchinson
Zed Everhart
Zule Alejandro