Announcing 2019 Admission Panelists

Update / 5.15.19

Our admissions panel is comprised of an impartial jury of established artists, critics and curators from Chicago and elsewhere in addition to a selection of ACRE alumni and staff members.

2019 Admissions Panelists

Natessa Amin
Alexandra Antoine
Kioto Aoki
Daniel Baird
Sara Black
Daniro Elle Brown
Alden Burke
Jessica Campbell
Ben Chaffee
Jon Chambers
Julietta Cheung
Kathy Cho
Mary Coyne
Madison Creech
Sharmyn Cruz Riveria
Jessica Darnell
Joshua Demaree
Sarah Dhobhany
Jim Drain
Jory Drew
Fabienne Elie
William Estrada
Chaz Evans
Noelle Garcia
Azadeh Gholizadeh
Rosalynn Gingerich
Faye Gleisser
Dan Gunn
Erin Hayden
Jamillah Hinson
Felicia Holman
Yun Ingrid El
Claudine Ise
Mia Khimm
Andy Kincaid
Ashley King
Allison Lacher
Kenya Lazuli
Lora Lode
Courtney Mackedanz
Andrew Mausert Mooney
AJ McClenon
Mark McCloughan
Michael Metzger
Dan Miller
Dao Nguyen
Nicky Ni
Hannah Patterson
Brian Paumier
Brenna Quinn
Johanne Rahaman
Gonzalo Reyes Rodriguez
Ato Ribierio
Christy Roberts
Amina Ross
Wil Ruggiero
Jacinda Russell
Willy Smart
Madison Smith
Robert Smith III
Megan Taylor Noe
Sheridan Tucker
Sam Vernon
Gibran Villalobos
Aaron Walker
Derrick Woods-Morrow
Chelsea Welch

Thank you to all our generous panelists who donate their time and expertise for these reviews!