New changes to ACRE Residency Program starting in 2018

Update / 1.4.18

ACRE is excited to announce some changes to the ACRE Residency Program starting in 2018.

ACRE's residency is a co-operative environment in which all community members contribute and help with chores. In effort to create a more equitable space and expand on the communal spirit of the program, ACRE will no longer be offering work-study positions for a discount on the residency fee. Instead, we will now offer 15 half-scholarships and enlist the help of the entire residency community to cover the chores that the work-study residents would have been responsible for. This will mean for the first time, all residents will be asked to chip in with 1-2 nights of helping wash dishes.

With this change, in addition to the scholarships we work to secure every year, we are now able to offer 40% of our residents some type of financial relief from the residency fee. This is a major step toward our goal of one day making the program free for all to attend.

In response to overwhelming feedback from alumni, ACRE is also pleased to announce that in 2018 all three residency sessions will be 14 days long.