How to Buy Art

Chicago Magazine

By Jason Foumberg / 9.15.17


Look for No-Fee Galleries

A handful of galleries show promising artists but don’t represent them, meaning there’s no commission added into the price of the works.

ACRE, in Pilsen, has curated group shows with up-and-comers such as painter Carris Adams and experimental artist Sofia Córdova. 1345 W. 19th St.

Roots & Culture, a Noble Square storefront gallery, has a knack for tapping talent before it goes bigtime. Example: A drawing by Elijah Burgher sold here in 2011 for $900; today similar works by him are going for more than five times that. 1034 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Gallery 400, the UIC art space on the Near West Side that has helped launch such former students as Jesse Malmed and Daniel Shea, puts on an annual MFA showcase that’s a sneak peek into Chicago’s art future. 400 S. Peoria St.