July 18th 2021 / Camayuhs
On a black background the words Slime Time in big hot green 3D animated letters are dripping with slime. In the corner it says Camayuhs, Atlanta July 18, 4-7 pm curated by Logan Lockner

Joshua M.G. McCormick and FRKO at Camayuhs / Curated by Logan Lockner

June 18th 2021 – July 17th 2021 / Co-Prosperity Sphere
A collection of 11 images collaged across a white background featuring work from the artists.

Amy Cousins, Charles Ryan Long, Christopher Sonny Martinez, Toisha Tucker, and Zachary Hutchinson at Co-Prosperity Sphere

June 12th 2021 – July 12th 2021 / Camayuhs
Promotional image for show featuring an fabric object floating with a chain holding an abstract shape.

Marcellus Armstrong and Caleb Jamel Brown at Camayuhs / Curated by Logan Lockner

June 11th 2021 – July 2nd 2021 / Drama Club
Image of sun through a dense blanket of garden plants

Lorena Cruz Santiago

May 8th 2021 – June 5th 2021 / Camayuhs
Mirrors reflecting the sunset collaged on top of an image of a colorful cross section of bed rock. The words Bed Rock in yellow in the center and the artist's names Vanessa Thill and MaDora Frey are in the bottom right and top left respectively.

Vanessa Thill and MaDora Frey at Camayuhs

November 14th 2020 – December 20th 2020 / BasketShop
Photograph of sculptural works in the show with blue tile along the wall

Elliot Doughtie at Basketshop

September 1st 2020 – November 1st 2020 / Hyde Park Art Center
Installation shot of "AT,FOR, BY" at the Hyde Park Art Center for Artist's Run Chicago 2.0

"AT, FOR, BY: 10 years of ACRE" at the Hyde Park Art Center

September 12th 2020 – October 11th 2020 / LVL3
Promotional flyer for exhibition with title and schematic design with blue arrows

Ruth Burke, Zack Ingram, and Libbi Ponce at LVL3

May 5th 2020 – June 5th 2020 / ACRE Projects
Video still depicting a person crouched in a green field of plants.

A printed and mailed publication with work by Stephanie Concepcion Ramirez, D’Angelo Lovell Williams, and Hannah Bates / Organized by Rachel McDermott

May 8th 2020 – June 10th 2020 / Ground Level Platform
Digital flyer for website with colorfol 3D renderings and T-Rex, text with information about the site.

A browser-based experience created by residents KT Duffy and María Luisa Sanín Peña with Ground Level Platform

March 5th 2020 – March 27th 2020 / UPI Gallery
Photograph of person standing knee deep in water wearing a cloak with a ship painted on it.

Farah Salem at the United Photo Industries Gallery / produced by Photoville

March 6th 2020 – March 27th 2020 / ACRE Projects
Promotional image for exhibition depicting a white walled space with "THESE SPACES HOLD US" on the walls.

Yasmeen Nematt Alla, Jonathan Herrera Soto, Annie Kielman / curated by Rohan Ayinde

February 14th 2020 – March 13th 2020 / Ground Level Platform
Collage depicting two figures leaning against one another against a peach colored background

Bonny Nahmias at Ground Level Platform

February 7th 2020 – February 29th 2020 / ACRE Projects
Two photographs of works by the artists, the left is of multi-colored satin fabric by Marie Baldwin and the right is a clay heart by Allan J. Masterson

Marie Baldwin and Allan J. Masterson / Curated by Lindsay Hutchens

January 17th 2020 – February 22nd 2020 / Ignition Projects
Photograph of hand holding a circular object against a grey background

Yesenia Bello / Curated by Elizabeth Lalley

December 6th 2019 – January 4th 2020 / ACRE Projects
Black and white photography of two figures in a house, one is levitating on their back.

Mark Blanchard, Sarita Garcia, and Kushala Vora / Curated by Elizabeth Lalley

November 15th 2019 – December 22nd 2019 / Ignition Projects
Chantal Wnuk

Chantal Wnuk at Ignition Projects / Curated by Elizabeth Lalley

November 8th 2019 – November 29th 2019 / ACRE Projects
Photograph of Stephanie Woods piece "What Glitters Ain't Always Gold", depicting mixed media including paint and text on a plastic material

Johannes Barfield, Pallavi Sen, and Stephanie J. Woods / curated by Adia Sykes

October 4th 2019 – October 31st 2019 / ACRE Projects
Photograph of Dominga Opazo's piece "Corrosion" made of pieces screen printed cardboard, hung on the wall.

Ji Su Kwak, Dominga Opazo, Renee Yu Jin / Curated by Lucy Stranger

September 13th 2019 – October 11th 2019 / Baby Blue Gallery
Image of various portraits of six people blended together

Marta Rodriguez Maleck at Baby Blue Gallery